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Mount Athos

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Friday, 05 January 2007

The skete of St. John the Baptist (Iveron) is a Greek one, it is located at the height  of 200 meters.  The skete was founded by the Greeks monks in 1730, the katholikon was built in 1779 and adorned with frescoes in 1799, it is dedicated to St. John the Baptist.


timiou_prodromou_ivhrwn.jpegIn the beginning of the XIX century the ascetics Eythimios, Ignatios and Akakios lived there.  The famous Father Paisius also lived there for a while.


Nowadays an acclaimed author, Archimandrite Vassiliy Gontikakis former Abbot of the monastery of Iveron lives there.




In the beginning of the XX century the skete consisted of 14 kalyves, 2 of them were Romanian. Today it consist of 3 kalyves with 7 monks inhabiting them.


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