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Tuesday, 09 January 2007

agios_dhmhtrios.jpegSt. Demetrius skete (Lakkoskete) is a Romanian one, belongs to the monastery of St. Paul. It is believed that the skete was founded in the X century.  In the XIV century the skete belonged to the monastery of Vatopaidi and there is an evidence that the vast majority of monks inhabiting the skete were Serbs.

In the end of XIV century the skete was conveyed to the monastery of St. Paul. In 1754 the skete was abandoned and in 1760 was renewed by the monk Daniil . In the beginning of the XIII century the monks from Moldova started to inhabit the monastery.


The katholikon is dedicated to the Martyr Demetrius.


In the beginning of the XX century the skit possessed 24 kalyves but nowadays only 5 are functioning.


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