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Mount Athos

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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The skete of St. Trinity belongs to the Monastery of Great Lavra and is at the walking distance from it (approximately 3 hours). The skete was founded in the XIV century by St. Maxim.

agiatriada.php.jpgThe other name of the skete is Kafsokalyvia. There is a myth connected with the name of the skete. The founder of the monastery led a nomadic life. Willing to isolate himself from mundane life moved from kalive to kalive burning the abandoned ones and climbing higher and higher up the mountains. Hence the skete’s name Kafsokalyvia meaning “Burnt kalives”. Finally St. Maxim chose a deserted cave to live in and where he died at the age of 95.

The skete reached the peak of it’s prosperity in the beginning of the XIII century under the guidance of St. Akakios. Back then the skete consisted of 40 independent cells with some 200 monks inhabiting them. The Patriarch Iaokim III lived there.

The katholikon of the skete is dedicated to the Theotokos. The monks gather there on Saturdays, Sundays and festive days.

Nowadays the skete consists of 39 kalyves but only 17 of them are inhabited. The skete has an iconographic studio in it’s possession. The Kalive of St. Ioann the Evangelist has a cathedral with splendid wall paintings by the monk Mitrophan from the island of Chios.


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