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Mount Athos

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Wednesday, 17 January 2007
The cell of Burazeri (other name "Belozyorka") belongs to the monastery of Hilandar. It is one of the few cells that can be easily found. The one can be led by the numerous tables with the name Burazeri on the way from Karyes.

karies.jpgAccording to the legend prelate Savva had gone to Jerusalem soon after founding the monastery of Hilandar. On his way back he got off the boat on the East side of the peninsula, lost his way to Karyes and spent a night in a cell he found on his way.

It appeared that the empty cell belonged to the prothat. In the morning Savva thanked him and prothat in return presented the cell to Savva who reconstructed it and liked to come there searching for solitude.

In 1882 the pupil of well-known Hadzhi-Georgiy lodged in it - Russian monk Antoniy on the blessing of Russian abbot Makariy and confessor Ieronim. 12 Russian novices followed him.
Peter the elder son of the monk Antoniy who subsequently became the prior of a cell was made a monk there. He took the burden of the cell’s renovation. Peter had to ask for the help in Russia writing pleading letters.

The cell had two temples: one in honour of prelate Nikolay and the other one dedicated to the Protection of the Theotokos.

Today it is the most known cell on Athos. Actually it is a small monastery rather than a cell which despite recent Greek restoration is recognizable for its Russian style. This cell is famous for the iconographs. It was famous and earlier by the icon of Divine Mother. The cell description informs that the parts of the True Cross and different relics are held there.
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