Virgin Mary
Friday, 12 January 2007
panagia.jpgThe cell Panagia is located near to the top of Mount Athos.” Those who did not visit the top of the mountain can say they did not visit the Mount Athos even if they have been to all its monasteries and cells” say the pilgrims. According to the legend the Virgin once ascended the top of the Mountain. In the place where she stayed to rest the cell representing a charming oasis among deserted hillsides was founded. The cell is surrounded by a stone fence along which the tall pines, last representatives of the local flora gradually disappearing towards the peak of the mountain. The distance from the cell to the top of the mountain is about one and a half hour of walking but it is the most difficult part of the way as the lifting becomes steeper. However the end of the route is already clearly visible to a pilgrim. It is the small church crowning with peak of the well-known Athos Mountain. 
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